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Smart Tourism? Trás-os-Montes points the way

The event "marks a point in the cooperation between entities", assessed the Mayor of Bragança, Hernâni Dias, at the press conference, emphasizing that "only together we can turn around to the oblivion of being an isolated territory". For the local official, "there is a huge potential" in Smart Travel 2014, since it is a type of initiative "pioneer at national level".


Open City in Barcelona until March

A city from which a new city emerges every day, a result of the ceaseless movements of its inhabitants and intertwining of their stories, “the endless friction and intermingling of life," says the presentation text.�A;�A;This cycle aims to reflect precisely on this “street”, as a "collective house". This is the cornerstone of urban form, its opening is the condition and the essence of the city, the measure of its vitality and its creative force.