About me, About us

If you got here, I must start by welcoming you and hope you enjoy the content we’re putting online in this space that has as main purpose to make known the good examples of themes that I have always been passionate about and attract me, for personal and professional reasons. There are also some bad examples that can be, at times, placed in perspective and always with a view to promoting a constructive, serious and frank debate.

I’m independent, but as it is obvious, I have professional interests in this area. First, because I am the director of an innovative and creative Communication Agency, specialized precisely in many of the themes of this website. An agency that is prepared to deal with one of the main problems and obstacles of the Smart Cities theme, which is, the best form of communication and ways of communicating many of the technological and disruptive solutions with citizens. Traditional methods and old school marketing methods are obsolete, I believe that in this day and age, the type of information that citizens most value, is clear, direct, true and accurate information and without large and expensive advertising marketing campaigns.

The world of communication is also revolutionizing. And no matter what happens, I will always choose the path of transparency, ethics, justice, integrity and truth. Many will say it is a utopian path. But the world is made of utopias. Moreover, cities are one of the greatest utopias of mankind from the very beginning.

Any contribution from you is important and, in advance, we thank you for all the initiatives and comments that you might suggest to enrich our humble space.

Thank you!

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