New chief editor for Smart Cities Magazine


Smart Cities Magazine have reinforced his team: Vitor Pereira, personality of the year 2015 from smart cities area in Portugal, is, from now on, the new chief editor of this publication.

Over more than 20 years of experience has a journalist, editor and blogger, Vitor Pereira was awarded on March 2015, with the “Premium Personality SmartCitiesLive”, being recognized by his contribution on promoting Portugal’s territory and cities. Furthermore, it is often invited to the most multiple conferences of this field. Smart Cities Event in Amsterdam or the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona are some examples.

“Having Vitor Pereira on the team will allow us to reinforce the effort on quality and diversity of our content, but will also expand our intervention and developing our projects. A strategy that, indeed, we have being design and have made great progresses”, highlight Rita Ascenso, previous chief editor and current project coordinator. “The digital channel will have news and we hope to strengthen his position next to every representatives of the field and urban management. The magazine will continue in main newsstands of the country, closer to citizens and monitoring the impact of urban transformations on people’s and communities’ daily life. In 2016, we are planning more surprises”, unveil the responsible.

“Joining the project in the middle of it, well designed and strong, most of all, will be a funny and motivator challenge, since I already know the people from the beginning and we have always been synchronized from that moment”, outlines the new chief editor, Vitor Pereira. “Nowadays, it can be hard to keep a magazine only on paper. The world has changed a lot so that’s why we want to bet on a built-in and total communication, on all data media”, indicates. The events will be one of the elements that the magazine will reinforce with Vitor Pereira’s help, as well as the creation of contents increasingly creatives, original and exclusives “and, most of all, interesting”.

“Cities, politics, citizens’ engagement, creativity, technology, economics and everything that nowadays makes the world go round will always be on the editorial content of the magazine. What we will do is to make a better use of resources and events to show new things, from other points of view, more punchy and that will force to think seriously about the ways and choices that are being taken”, says. “I was not counting on returning so soon to journalism, but I like challenges and to help creating new realities”, confesses.

Remember that Smart Cities Magazine was release on July 2014 and is the first and only Portuguese newspaper dedicated to the sustainable smart cities. Apart from the press edition, Smart Cities also have an on-line edition with daily news, where you can visit at

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