#Paris will host a #SmartCities world event in September

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One of the most important Smart Cities events in France and in Europe will take place at the beginning of September.

It’s the SMART COUNTRIES & CITIES CONGRESS PARIS, which will bring together companies, cities, and political and administrative representatives of innovative projects from around the globe. It’s an event that will highlight the technologies and innovations for cities, case studies from around the world and many specialists, investigators and other professionals who put their faith in a better future based on cities that are intelligent, social, sustainable and prosperous.

The event lasts three days and will cover topics that are making this time (in which there is massive migration into the big cities) one of the most important for humanity.

Conteúdo Chave and its associated platforms (Smart Cities and CityOK), as a communications agency specialized in Smart Tourism and Smart Cities, will also be participating through a strategic agreement with the organization to promote and publicize the Parisian event. “This is to solidify a path that we have been navigating during the last 4 years and this translates into being alongside great events, supporting them in a determined and pragmatic way”, says the agency’s CEO Vitor Pereira, who will also join the guest speakers invited to the event, addressing the topic of “Small Cities and how to be sustainable through Tourism and Creativity”, he explains.

The SMART COUNTRIES & CITIES CONGRESS PARIS event will be held for the first time and is supported by the French government via its Foreign Ministry.

The organization belongs to a consortium of companies and professionals linked to innovation in Smart Cities, and hopes to promote new forms of economic development, not only in France’s cities and regions, but also for all countries that seek to make sustainable development and intelligent cities part of their future.


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