The New York Times organizes a unique conference on Smart Cities


Discover and share new ideas and new opportunities with the industry’s key players, and the most important mentors and prominent influential figures from a wide range of disciplines.

This is how the CITIES FOR TOMORROW event is presented. A unique conference, organized by the prestigious publishing group The New York Times, which will take place July 20th and 21st, in the “City That Never Sleeps”.

This is the second edition of an event that has already become one of the most important events throughout America, for both the quality of the guests and speakers, and the enormous diversity and transdisciplinary support.

A conference with a seal of approval from The Times, the most honorable news source in all of the United States of America and one of the most influential media groups in the world. Thanks to this combination of qualities, you can listen to the latest and most important developments in key city sectors, such as Housing, Transportation, Mobility, Health, Safety, etc. Topics that are on the agenda of cities ceaselessly seeking to improve and strengthen their economic, social and environmental conditions.

For the city of New York, partnerships are fundamental and at this conference deserved emphasis will be given to bringing the public and private sectors together.

Another featured topic is “Utopia/Dystopia: The Planet’s Newest Cities”. Cities that are born overnight, refugee camps, Chinese megacities, etc. All of the problems that plague them, the concerns and issues. How to help and contribute at an unimaginable scale.

The big data of a modern city, how to explore the potential for obtaining data is another topic.

The resilience dividend and what is at stake when discussing this topic will be spotlighted by the president of the Rockefeller Foundation, who engendered the program 100 Resilient Cities.

This will give rise to discussions about the future of Smart Cities. And it is a topic that has not gone very far in North America, despite the many intelligent, prosperous, creative and happy cities located in this part of the globe. Still, the question is up for debate: will technology be fundamental in changing the urban landscape?

Ideas will be at the center of discussions, with an eclectic and intelligent source of support. “The Cities for Tomorrow” conference will provide a dynamic environment for collaboration between the industry’s leading decision makers, who are creating the future of our cities.


An opportunity for:

  • Learning why giving little attention to the topic of resilience in cities may affect its organization and jeopardize the future;
  • New policies and legislative initiatives;
  • Economic and financial implications for organizations;
  • New perspectives through listening and connecting with distinguished speakers and participants.

Interact with policymakers and participate in interactive sessions, connecting with more than 300 leaders in key industries of American society (architects, government officials, sustainability, construction and development, transportation, non-profit organizations, technology, marketing and communication, education, retail companies and industry, etc.).

Among the featured speakers are Allison Arieff (SPUR), William J. Bratton (City of New York), Tony L. Griffin (The City College of New York), Killian Kleinschmidt (Former Mayor Zaatari Refugee Camp), Judith Rodin (President Rockefeller Foundation), Janette Sadik-Khan (Bloomberg Associates), and many others.

Also among the delegates present, similar to last year, are representatives of key companies, such as Dell, The Walt Disney Company, Goodwill Industries, M.I.T, Google, Columbia University and The American Institute of Architects and, of course, representatives of the city of New York, among others.


20% discount


While Media Partners of this unique event, Conteúdo Chave (and its associated platforms), has vouchers for a 20% discount on registration.

The fact that The New York Times, organizer of this NYCitiesfortomorrow conference, has chosen the agency Conteúdo Chave as its strategic partner for Europe, is related to the background and experience demonstrated by our agency in reporting topics related to cities and especially Smart Cities.

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“For a company headquartered in Bragança (Portugal), becoming a partner of global events in this area only serves to reinforce the idea that there is know-how in the country’s inlands, there are qualified companies and professionals, there is international recognition of the content disseminated both on our own platforms, or on others with which we collaborate”, states Vitor Pereira, the agency’s director.

“Naturally, there is no issue as to the number of people we will bring to New York to attend the conference, but there is a need for an event like this to be promoted outside of the normal range of large corporations and NYT has found in us the potential to contribute to transmitting their content to our audience, who is very involved in the Smart Cities topic, all around the world”, he adds.

Certainly, all updates regarding this event, which is one of the most important events in America, even considering the indifference with which many cities, including New York, view the topic of Smart Cities, will be directly monitored and transmitted in Portuguese, English and Spanish on the website

Currently, the conference is nearly sold out, as all guests were selected by invitation, after registration and admissions payment. This means there is a very strong interest and desire to participate and contribute to the development of a Smart City in New York and, clearly, to use the good examples to be replicated in all parts of the world.

After all, the example comes from above.

See you in NYC!

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