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Things not to be missed at the IoT Tech Expo Europe 2016

This year’s Expo will highlight the most innovative advancements in technologies which are affecting IoT. There will be cases and dedicated tracks covering the entire Internet of Things ecosystem including Smart Cities, Connected Living, Developing for the Internet of Things, Connected Industry and Data & Security.


Left a piece of my heart in YinChuan

The TM Forum event was like a monkey wrench that put in huge nuts and bolts and fixed them in place perfectly. It was the event they organized that showed Yinchuan to the world. And the Chinese city agreed to open up and show itself off. Firstly, with the China-Arab States Expo that was held there, and later with the initiatives announced to further advance the Smart City. One of these initiatives is the creation of the Smart Cities World Innovtion Centre in partnership with ZTE. The objective of this centre is to bring together international efforts to establish Smart Cities case studies, standards and good practices with the aim of serving cities and towns throughout the world.


#Paris will host a #SmartCities world event in September

It's the SMART COUNTRIES & CITIES CONGRESS PARIS, which will bring together companies, cities, and political and administrative representatives of innovative projects from around the globe. It's an event that will highlight the technologies and innovations for cities, case studies from around the world and many specialists, investigators and other professionals who put their faith in a better future based on cities that are intelligent, social, sustainable and prosperous. The event lasts three days and will cover topics that are making this time (in which there is massive migration into the big cities) one of the most important for humanity.