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Everyone’s rushing 5G and we don’t need it…yet!

At an exclusive press conference, in the LTE World Summit 2015, that took place in Amsterdam and gathered events exclusively dedicated to 5G and the Connected Cars theme, Huawei revealed that up until 2018 it will invest around $600 M in research.


The “smartest week” in Toronto

Smart Week lasted 3 days and took place at the University of Toronto and Investigation Centres of worldwide importance such as MARS. To ally medicine to technology, the city, the citizen and the part that concerned me most: tourism, was a great step forward for the globalized world for both its problems and its solutions. If we will be able to humanize technology or if technology will make us “machines” only the future can tell, but seeing what is happening in the world, the trend is towards a Smart City which is more human than technological in contrast to what has happened in the past. Before humanity needed technology, nowadays, more than ever, it needs humans.


Veniam Works develops new technology to “Connected Cars”

VENIAM aims to become the number one company connecting vehicles to the Internet. Veniam's networking technologies will turn vehicles into mobile hotspots for Internet access, bring car data to the cloud and form a vehicle mesh network, that can be used for business, leisure and safety applications, as well as Machine-to-machine data delivery. Our main product is a simple-to-use after-market solution to be placed in cars to connect them to the Internet. Each box has a smart connection manager to seamless switch between vehicular, WiFi and cellular technologies to provide the cheapest and most reliable wireless connection to the Internet.